The SARA Society is completely non-profit and depends significantly on donations to cover the cost to maintain the shelter, veterinarian bills, and the general care of all our animals.

The shelter is home to over 200 cats, 5 birds, 3 dogs and not to be left out the "girls" 2 chickens!  Over 3400 animals have been helped by us to date.  Most of the cats in our care were surrendered due to behavior issues, meaning, they eliminate outside of the litter box. This behaviour is not limited to floor area,  they have destroyed sofas, tvs, entertainment units, fridges and stoves.  Their urine over time, eats thru just about anything including metal. We have had 4 stoves and 2 refrigerators in 10 yrs.. Any contribution you are able to make to help with the replacement cost of these appliances would be gratefully appreciated.


Cash donations

Cash donations or drop-offs of non-cash donations can be made at the shelter - please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for more information. Contributions of $10 or more are tax deductible and will receive a tax receipt in the mail. Online donations may be made through


Non cash donations

Some are tax deductible, please call us at the shelter if you have inquiries.
  • Pet food (canned and dry)
  • Freezer burned meat and fish
  • Household cleaning supplies such as laundry detergents, all-purpose cleaners, bleach, dishwashing liquid, etc.



The SARA Society is also seeking help with foster care. Homes are required on a short or long term basis, depending on the situation. 

The SARA Society is looking for foster homes for many of our dogs. Most of our dogs are placed in to foster care because of a Surrey by-law only allowing two dogs per household. If you are interested in fostering and would like further information, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



The SARA Society would like to thank PETsMART for their financial support for our Spay and Neuter program, and for having our animals placed in the Luv-A-Pet room for adoption. PetSmart Charities of Canada's mission is to end the unnecessary euthanasia of adoptable companion animals as a means of controlling pet overpopulation.